Thursday, April 19, 2012

Book Review from Christian Book Review

My latest review from Christian Book Review

Times of Trouble is a new Christian fiction novel by Cliff Ball happening around Year 2037.  The story revolves around the family of Brian Atwood, an FBI agent turned Secret Service personal security for the USA President Collins. Brian was married to Lynda for ten (10) years and had three children but the newly born baby was taken by the Health Administration because of his Down Syndrome.

The US government at this time has been setting rules, regulations and security measures for the nation and people. Babies with defects are either aborted or taken to an orphanage so that the government will not be burdened by the cost of supporting them.

President Collins abhors Christians and their beliefs, acting like an oversexed teenager, and making financial decisions blunders in the White House. Brian struggled relating with him and obeying his every whim especially at this time of re-election campaigns.

Until one day, Lynda became sick with stage 4 breast cancer and eventually died as the government only allows drugs to alleviate pain and no surgeries for advanced stages of sicknesses.

Collins lost the elections to President elect Massey but charged the latter with election fraud and then eventually declared Martial Law across the land. Brian was fired from his job because of His Christian beliefs after thorough background check.

Times of Trouble novel’s backdrop is on the End Times and all the other events leading to it. It is like a true story as most of the character sketches, circumstances, and plots are familiar and possible to happen in real life.

Honestly, this is the very first Christian fiction novel I have read and reviewed and I appreciate Cliff Ball’s heart to keep on stressing and repeating the importance of God, Bible, prayer, salvation, church, fellowship, close family ties, purity before marriage, and honesty about the character’s feelings and weaknesses.

I love the many prayers included in this novel and many times, at some point of the story, I can readily identify with the lines of the characters and the situations. Times of Trouble ministered to me greatly right now and it inspired me to keep the faith and never to give up in times of trouble knowing that the ending of everything—the world, mankind, and my own troubles are glorious when Jesus Christ returns on the earth and we will be raptured and caught up in the clouds at the trumpet blast.


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